Just write a blog post to represent a starting point to outline what storytelling means to you. More like an association exercise than a, academic treatise. What comes to mind visually when you think of the word? Think about what the word brings to mind: images, places, people, sounds. Who do you recall as telling you memorable stories> How would you describe the idea of storytelling to someone else?

Then, expand on what it might mean to introduce the word “digital”? What changes, is different, or is the same? What do you see or think of when we say “digital storytelling”?

When I hear the word “storytelling” I think of all the tall tales we heard about in elementary school. I think of stories about Paul Bunyan and his giant blue ox or legends about pirates or fairytales. However, when I really stop and think about the meaning of storytelling, I know it goes much deeper than stories I was told as a child. Storytelling is a form of creative expression. When a person gets to tell a story, whether it was an actual event or an old legend, they have the opportunity to embellish or change whatever they like. A person can captivate an audience with a truly fantastic story and make it something meaningful. I also think about all the scary ghost stories my mom has recited to me throughout my childhood, which would always put the fear of God in me. I am pretty sure my mom was not thinking about traumatizing those stories might be for an eight year old. However, I would always come back asking for more scary stories for whatever reason. Generally, when I think of storytelling, I think of orally telling a story so someone is able to create their own images in their head by using their imagination.

Thinking about “digital storytelling” changes the concept in my mind completely. I start to see slideshows, videos, photos, memes, and everything in between. The availability of a digital platform has completely changed how people tell their stories. When someone tells a story digitally, they are able to add music that fits the story to make it more tense, or lighten the mood of it if necessary. Tales and stories become more animated when they are digitized and I think that helps make the story being told more enjoyable. Although thus my blog is mostly words, I still incorporate pictures from Flickr and recently a new gif, as well as sounds or music from SoundCloud, and all of these tools help me tell my stories so I do not always have to rely on my words. Also by using the blog format, it allows for more interaction between more people to spread stories. Digital storytelling is a more modern form of storytelling.


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