Reflecting on Radio

A reflection upon your contribution to the radio show and to your assessment of the group process: How did your group go about choosing a theme and organizing itself? We used Canvas discussion boards in order to communicate. People we throwing out ideas but I believe it was Maryna who came up with the idea […]

Radio Storytelling

Listening to Stories For this particular assignment/reflection, we were asked to listen to several different radio stories from different sites and pick up on each one’s audio techniques and what we thought about their their techniques. From American Life: How I Got Into College I sincerely enjoyed this story itself and all of the audio […]


Jad Abunrad’s perspective on radio storytelling is quite enlightening. I loved the metaphor he used of someone over the radio making a painting when telling a story but they are not the ones holding the paint brush, it’s the audience. That is precisely why he considers the radio “co-imagination” and I would say that books […]

A Sequence of Events

I found Ira Glass‘ advice about storytelling on the radio extremely helpful. He pointed out some useful tips that can make any boring ordinary story sound fascinating and intriguing, which he demonstrated quite well. It was great that he let all young or aspiring storytellers know that it is okay not to have amazing stories […]