How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

I feel that I have met all of the requirements for this week. I worked my hardest to help with the radio show. I completed two assignments that added up to be 5 stars. I wish my bumpers and commercials had turned out a little better but I have such little experience with making them so I expected them not to be that great. I think if I had more practice and experience with this type of assignment, I would become much better at it.

I am fairly happy with how my other two assignments worked out. They were fairly easy to make but lots of fun to work on as well.

What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn?

For this week, we had to work in groups which is sometimes not the easiest, especially when you communicate through discussion posts on Canvas. However, we got it all done and it worked out for the best because we got an awesome sounding radio show. I also had difficulty coming up with an idea for a radio commercial, but I like the idea I chose which was a haunted maze. I thought it fit perfectly with Halloween being around the corner.

I enjoyed creating and working on my bumper and the other two audio assignments the most. They were all simple but fun and I got to use some of my favorite songs of all time which was an extra perk.

I learned that online group work can be hard, especially when it’s one where you have to make a radio show, which I have little experience in. But it has ended up being a learning experience for me and if I ever decide to create my own radio show or become a host of one, I know exactly how to get the ball rolling.

What would you do differently? What questions to you have?

If I were to do something differently about this week, I may have found a way to improve my commercial. After listening to other group member’s work, I realize that there a lot more things I could have done to make commercial just a little more ear catching.

I have made some drastic improvements to the radio show logo, in fact, I made two of them because I didn’t know which to chose. Let me know what you think!


Old Radio2

What are some of the larger issues surrounding your work? Cultural/Societal implications?

Some underlying issues surrounding my work this week would be teamwork. It is so important that everyone works together and puts in the same amount of effort in order to get the best results. Additionally, the great implication of my work this week would be that it is important to do the best you can. Some projects may not end up as well as others or your peers (my group members really know how to put together a radio show!), but it is still vital that we all try our best even if it’s not up to par.


Summary of Daily Creates



Two Assignments Worth 5 Stars Total

The Radio Show


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