How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

This week’s assignments were thoroughly enjoyable. I loved all of the Daily Creates I did and the Audio assignments turned out to be more fun than I had originally anticipated. Also being able to listen to so many different stories on the radio was great too.

My daily creates were fun. All of them used visual media (pictures) which I think is more of my niche. For Monday’s Daily Create called “A Ferris Wheel Called Life,” which is linked below, I used Photoshop Elements 11 in order to make the book cover. The photo used is my own photo I took at a fair 3 or 4 years ago. I used a picture of a Ferris wheel because I feel like my life just keeps going around in a circle with no direction. Since it was supposed to be a lame self-help book title, I thought it fit perfectly.

I am not going to lie, when I read the title for Tuesday’s DC, I thought I was going to do something really sad or depressing because I read the word “emo.” My ignorance knows no bounds. To my delight, we just needed a photo that conveyed some sort of emotion. Who better to convey the emotion of boredom than my own dog, Rocky. He either wants to play with my sister’s dong, Wiley, or my dad. If neither of them are home, he’s bored out of his mind and just mopes around.

I also used Photoshop Elements 11 for Wednesday’s photo, and I am glad to be getting better use out of that program. The photo I took already started off as old. Four or five years ago, a friend and I wanted to make a 1960s photo-shoot. The photo used for Wednesday’s DC, is from that photo-shoot. However, I used Photoshop Elements 11 in order to make the photo look more grainy as well as adding a boarder to try and make it seem like an old Polaroid. I even sketched in an old date on the Polaroid like most of those pictures had.

For Thursday’s DC, I used the iPad app “Doodle Buddy” in order to dress the woman up like Beyoncé, which was slightly more difficult than I thought. Nevertheless, the picture turned out to be fairly decent.

I honestly did not expect to enjoy the audio assignments this week. In fact, I was dreading them. I was in the mindset that if just making a GIF or figuring out Slickr Flickr was that difficult, I could not fathom how hard it would be to use totally foreign audio programs! Luckily, my hesitation was unwarranted. I had more fun making these three audio assignments than I have with any other assignment we have had to do so far. I am so happy we were assigned this! I didn’t even run to any problems while working on these assignments, which is the first week that has ever happened. It was definitely a confidence builder.

I feel that I completed each assignment well and I hope the next assignments will go as smoothly as these did!

What gave you trouble? 

NOTHING! Everything was pretty much smooth sailing this week.

What did you enjoy most? What did you learn?

I enjoyed listening to the different ghost stories from RadioLab as well as all three of the audio assignments.

I actually learned a lot this week. I received some awesome tips and advice from Glass about how to create a good a story. I learned that connection and co-imagining can be one of the same thing when it comes to radio stories. I also learned how to take lyrics out of a song, change pitch, cut and paste, and move audio clips within the program Audacity.

The main thing I took away from this week is that these stories were making now and the ones will be making in the near future, are not going to perfect. Not even close to perfect. Glass made it clear that only with practice and experience, will someone be able to make a good story. Therefore I am not going to beat myself up whenever my assignments do not turn out the best or if I had a different vision for them and that didn’t work out either.

What would you do differently? What questions to you have?

If there was one thing I could change this week, it would be my Phone Conversation assignment. Part of me wishes I never did it because it’s just so embarrassing and I put it out for the world to see! If I had the time, I probably would go back and try a different audio assignment. Maybe one that doesn’t require my voice.

Should I leave Audacity on my laptop? Will we be using it again for future assignments?

What are some of the larger issues surrounding your work? Cultural/Societal implications?

As discussed in one my reflections, radio is still extremely relevant and needed in our culture and society. By using language, we are able to build connections when the physical aspect of being around people is absent. With radio and the Internet, more connections are built each day without people having to even meet each other. That’s amazing. We’re co-imaging and making connections.

For my last Daily Create of the week, I drew Beyonce from her music video “Single Ladies.” I wasn’t even thinking of the song when I came up with my idea, I was thinking of the music video, specifically the dancing. Actually, Miles Davis commented on the post and wondered why I chose those particular lyrics and the song. I essentially wrote back saying that the song itself, is not the iconic part that everyone remembers, it’s the music video. Several people on Twitter understood the reference right away. It’s amazing how ingrained some  aspects of pop culture are for us.

Summary of your feedback from your Comments

This week I made a few new ds106 Twitter followers. There seems to be a steady increase of commenting and connection happening, which is great because we’re building a community now! I received some wonderful feedback this week from several people on my blog and on Twitter. Emma and I connected with our mutual love and longing for our dogs because the picture I used from Tuesday’s Daily  Create reminded her of her puppy.

I also received kind feedback from Maryna. She seemed to really appreciate my thoughts about Abunrad’s radio story telling ideas, as well as a story I added in the reflection about my grandfather. I am slowly seeing this community building up.

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