So this second week has shown yet again, that I honestly do not have a large knowledge base about the Internet and its uses and capabilities. I learned a great deal about how perfect the interwebs are for letting creativity flow and linking people together in meaningful ways. Not only did I learn more uses of the Internet, I also learned how to make gif this week, which is something I have always wanted to know how to do.

Hearing what Campbell and Wesch had to say about the cyber world and how we use it, was genuinely interesting and had an sizable impact on my idea of the Internet. I’ve always thought the Internet was here to entertain us, just like the TV does but now I see that the Web is more for exchanging information, news, and ideas in a quick paced way. Wesch showed in his presentation how the Internet has been able to cause communities and individuals from all over the world come together. Campbell was able to demonstrate how universities could seriously utilize personal cyberinfrastructure and have creativity flow even more so through campuses. I am glad that these videos and article were assigned for us to watch and read, otherwise I would still have a backwards view of the Internet.

The gif was probably my most favorite and least favorite task we had to do this week. The process seemed so straightforward but my laptop hates me and likes to make things more difficult so the gif took longer to make than anticipated. However, I now know what was going wrong so in the future if we have to make a gif, I know exactly where to look for the hidden downloaded YouTube clip. I enjoyed learning the process because I’ve always wondered how people were able to make a gif, and it’s quite satisfying knowing that I can make my own now.

All in all, Week 2 was another week full of new knowledge and experiences. The workload is still more than I had expected for the class but that is because I have never done many of these tasks and assignments before. Once I get the hang of everything, it probably won’t be as difficult and time consuming (fingers crossed). Nevertheless, I love this class and everything I’ve been learning from it thus far. Check out the links below for every post I made this week!



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Assignment Week 2:

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