It has only been the first week of this class and I already feel like I have learned so much. Before starting this class I thought I was quite knowledgeable of the Internet and social media, but after creating my own domain and several other accounts, I have come to realize how wrong I was.

I started off the week by creating my own domain. The most difficult task about creating my own website was coming up with a name, which took me by surprise. I never considered how long it can take to come up with a name and it made me realize that there’s a lot more to creating a website than I originally thought. However, I do like “The Prosperous Daisy” because it has a pretty cool story behind it

Next on my checklist was to start creating accounts for Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, SoundCloud. Luckily, I already had a Gmail so I didn’t have to do anything for YouTube, which I didn’t know YouTube was connected to my Gmail. That really showed me how far behind I was on what’s been going on in the Internet. I also had a Yahoo! email and I had no clue that Flickr was connected to that! So that was really easy to setup too, which definitely saved me some time. The only things left were Twitter and SoundCloud, which were an easy setup as well. But having to start all of these accounts at the same time was a little overwhelming at first.

It took me awhile to realize how easy it was to embed pictures and videos into Word Press but I am so happy that it’s that easy! Just being able to copy and paste the link is convenient and makes posting a blog an easier task. Although there was so many easy things about this process, I ran into some difficulties such as, one my USB drives  malfunctioning, which was a real pain since that particular one held all of the photos and videos I wanted to use. Fortunately, after two hours of jiggling the drive around in the USB port, it eventually worked and I was able to finish my introduction.

Although I ran into some issues I was able to figure everything out and all in all turned out to be a fun process and I cannot wait to see what I get to learn next!

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