Explaining to Ashton about Remixing

This audio is a recording of my friend and I discussing remixing. She is a little shy and was a little nervous so you don’t hear her speak much but she was there! Promise!

One of the videos we were asked to watch for this assignment gave a pretty clear cut definition of remixing which is, “to combine or edit existing materials to produce something new.” It seems like such a straight forward definition but then things like copyright and fair use laws come into play and the definition becomes a lot more complicated.

I do not see anything wrong with taking another person’s work and making it your own. It is like in the when the Remix Manifesto puts out that technology is a form of remixing. Technology of one object like a computer, continued to improve and be redesigned, in other words, it was remixed. When we allow remixing to occur, we allow room for improvements and advancements, whether it’s music, writing, videos, or technology.

Although remixing should be widely accepted and not heavily scrutinized, the person who is remixing needs to acknowledge that they are using someone else’s work and therefore should credit that person. Led Zeppelin became famous from songs that were song by others long before the band came together, yet few people realize that. I know I didn’t know that until watching part 1 of the “Everything is a Remix” video. As I said in the audio recording, the band could have tried harder to change up the lyrics or even just the titles of the songs. They also kept much of the music the same. The fame of Led Zeppelin seems unfair without addressing the contribution of the artists that helped them make their way to the top.



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