A reflection upon your contribution to the radio show and to your assessment of the group process:

  • How did your group go about choosing a theme and organizing itself?

We used Canvas discussion boards in order to communicate. People we throwing out ideas but I believe it was Maryna who came up with the idea of a creating a show about the history of random weird objects. Then I thought of the name and everyone seemed to agree with it.

Next we needed to come up with some objects to talk about in the radio show. Everyone submitted topics and ideas in a discussion and then we all picked our favorites. We ended up with wedding rings (Maryna’s idea) and dentures (my idea) and the possibility of mini-topics if necessary. All that was left was to split up the work. Three people said they would work on wedding rings and the remaining three would work on dentures.

Since it was my idea, I chose to work on dentures. I thought the best way to split up the work among Mitchell, Chantel, and I would be to split up the history into different time periods and the subsequent materials used during those times. I took the first leg of the section which was the time period starting with the first invention of dentures, which was around 700 BC. Then Mitchell was supposed to take the middle section, which included the invention of ivory dentures, then Chantel discussed 20th century up to the modern dentures.

  • What was the easiest/hardest part of working as a group?

I’ve never taken an online class where we had to work in groups and it proved to be a little difficult. Since there is no designated meeting time like the ones when the course takes place inside a classroom, the communication was somewhat difficult. At first I didn’t know there were already discussions going on in Canvas because Canvas was not sending any notifications, so that certainly put me behind. It also difficult to fully explain and convey everything you are thinking through words so sometimes there would be misunderstandings. I would definitely that communication was the hardest part about this assignment.

The easiest aspect of this group work was coming up with ideas and voting on who’s commercial and bumper was chosen. There did not seem to be many arguments about that.

  • How did you decide upon your own contribution to the show — did you pick something in your comfort zone or did you decide to push yourself in a new direction?

I contributed as much as possible. I gave my opinions in our discussions, I voted for the bumpers and commercials, I created a logo for the show (obviously not the best but in process of designing a new one), I edited to the best of my abilities the parts of Chantel and I, and I offered my help whenever I could.

  • How do you feel your show holds together as a whole? Do you feel like you achieved your goals in terms of the story your group set out to tell? What do you think people will say about it?

I think people will find the facts that we discovered very interesting and will learn something that hadn’t heard before! It is not often that a person stops to wonder about the invention of dentures or how the tradition of wearing wedding bands started. The group did a great job at disclosing the intriguing and important facts about each object.

  • You’ve worked pretty intensively with audio now for several weeks of ds106 — describe what that process has been like. Have you changed your feeling towards audio? When you started with this section of the class, what did you think it would be like and how did the experience measure up?

The first audio assignments we did were quite fun and I really enjoyed making them. However, putting together a radio show with a group of people is a whole different ball game. Creating a radio show is no easy task, especially a show that some one actually wants to listen to. There are so many important aspects that go into it such as the right kind of music that will grab the audience’s attention but also not too crazy because it can distract from the words of the message when someone speaks.  I honestly thought this would be an easy assignment but it certainly wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Perhaps if I had more experience and practice with the aspects of a radio show before creating one with a group, it would have been less difficult and gone a little more smoothly. Despite the difficulty I had with this, the assignment required me to get creative and taught me several valuable lessons.


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