Monday’s Daily Create asked us to draw something that we bought that day. There were many people that drew pictures of their groceries. Unfortunately for me, I have been sick all week so ginger-ale has been my friend. For this daily create I drew the bottle with a green pen, green Sharpie, and red Sharpie.

This daily create asked us to combine two store logos. So I chose Ulta and Eddie Bauer because I think they are both amazing stores and pretty much have everything a girl like me could need! (Except maybe the prices.) In order to combine the logos, I used Photoshop Elements 11 and took out the “Eddie Bauer” part on its logo and left the bird. Then I took Ulta’s logo and copied and pasted it onto the Eddie Bauer logo. I used the dropper tool to match the color of the Eddie Bauer bird and the Ulta logo.

For this daily create, we were asked to take a picture of something we thought would look cool upside down. So I took a picture of Virginia that my friend painted for me Freshman year of college. I thought the shape of this state looked cool to begin with, so I thought it would look even cooler upside down.

This daily create talked about the time change (which isn’t until November 1st) and asked us to take a picture that shows that the seasons are changing. I chose to take pictures of the changed leaves on the ground. Unfortunately, it has been raining all week so the pictures are not that great. I also took a picture of a pumpkin spiced bagel because nothing says fall like pumpkin spice! I put all of the pictures together using a collage app on my phone.

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