Jad Abunrad’s perspective on radio storytelling is quite enlightening. I loved the metaphor he used of someone over the radio making a painting when telling a story but they are not the ones holding the paint brush, it’s the audience. That is precisely why he considers the radio “co-imagination” and I would say that books and written stories should be considered another form of “co-imagination.” Listening to or reading what someone has created and being able to imagine it the way you want is a powerful thing. The way another person imagines can be completely different from how you’re imagining and that’s okay because it’s up to the listener! It is a way that people can become connected, even through a radio.

My dad told me that my grandfather used to have an old radio with a microphone from the 1950s or 1960s. He said that my grandfather would sit at his desk with his radio and different frequencies would get picked up and he would talk to anyone on the radio that wanted to talk (apparently that was a fun thing to do back in the day). My dad said that he would be able to sit and talk with strangers, exchanging stories and jokes,  and sharing some laughs for hours. This story is a clear example of how the radio connects people, just like Abunrad states.

It’s fascinating that two people whom have never met, can become best friends over a radio. One might say that it is similar to many situations on the internet, but at least with the social media there a pictures and other visuals to base your opinions on.

Although as Abunrad says many believe that radio is going to die one day, however I agree with him in believing that it will not happen. Radio is essentially oral storytelling and oral storytelling has been a form of connection for humans for thousands of years. If oral storytelling hasn’t died yet, the radio surely will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “Co-Imagining

  1. Hey Rachel!

    I laughed out loud when I read your grandpa story! That’s so great that he was able to connect with people over the radio. All of this just proves that great stories can be told and listened to without necessarily having a visual and that our imaginations put together can do powerful things and build powerful relationships. The voice carries a great deal of power and I think that hearing something is the best platform for the imagination.
    I also agree with you 100% that radio will not die and it is important to remind everybody that oral storytelling has, indeed, been around for a very long time. The invention of language was such a hallmark that anything having to do with speech will last forever.
    Thank you for sharing that really endearing story about your grandfather, I think it is a great way to connect to your fellow peers. #talkingpolack106


    • I am so glad you liked my story about my grandfather! I was worried that some people might think he was creepy. What you said about connecting with people through language and imagination is so true. I agree that it is a great way to build powerful relationships. #talkigpolack106

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