I am Rachel Stanford and I study International Affairs at University of Mary Washington. Class of 2017! This is my first time I’ve ever had a blog so hopefully I can figure all of this out ASAP!

If anyone is wondering about the blog’s name. I am going to  explain that now. So my boyfriend studied abroad in China this past summer and found out that my name translated to Chinese means “the perfect amount of prosperity” and I thought that was really neat and chose to name my blog after that.

As you can see from my Twitter post,  I have dabbled with this social media a couple of times but I always end up deleting it because I do not know anyone on Twitter. But I am excited to give it another shot in order to see how I can utilize it in this class.

Family Fun Times

As you can see from this adorably dorky picture, my family is really close and they are super important to me.

This Guy

This is John. He is always trying to make me laugh. He’s alright most of the time. :)


Four Wheeler

If you look at this picture and the one directly above it, you will probably be able to tell that I LOVE the outdoors. Hiking is one of my favorite hobbies and luckily my hometown is surrounded by mountains so there is plenty of places for hiking and adventures.


This picture shows two more things that I love, the beach and these girls!


I am also quite passionate about photography, I even considered it as a career choice at one point (not really an option anymore but still a fun hobby). I’m always trying to think of another photo shoot idea or just trying to get my friends to let me take pictures of them.

This is a video I took a long time ago of my friends and I being super excited about seeing the sunrise as we drove down the parkway one morning. I’m using this video in my introduction because I love watching a good sunrise. It’s so amazing to see! Warning: VERY LOUD

Here is a sound clip of some nature that I recorded while hiking once. I used these sounds because I really enjoy the noises of nature (sounds of birds chirping and rivers flowing) and one of the main reasons why I love the outdoors so much. It’s incredibly relaxing and stress relieving.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me and my life. Stay tuned for the next post!


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