2 thoughts on “Should of Put a Ring on it.

  1. I commend you on connecting this daily create to pop culture. The song you are referencing was so popular at the time it was released. Everyone of our generation as well as the younger generations will understand your reference. Trying to think of why she would be in this particular body position as she is saying “if you liked it…should’ve put a ring on it”, but I will leave my thought at that. It is funny to use current references and connect them to the daily creates when its possible. #talkingpolack106

    • I was connecting this particular daily create to her music video “Single Ladies.” The video has been quite iconic since it’s creation and there is a dance move that looks somewhat similar to the one the girl in the drawing is doing. It’s always great when we can connect the things we do in this class with the rest of the world!

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