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‘Like an evil twin or a twisted pair, happy places can have an ugly underside’. Is your happy place always happy? What is its underside. An example of Disneyland as a happy place with an underside might offer inspiration. Write your story in a blog post.

My happy place is the beach. The beach is beautiful, sunny, breezy, sandy, and just so much fun! But of course, with every great place, there is an ugly ugly underside. The beach can be unbelievably crowded depending on where you go like Myrtle Beach or Bethany Beach. It’s so crowded you cannot even find a place to put your stuff! It’s kind of ridiculous. Then people leave their trash on the beach. Why must people destroy these beautiful wonderful beaches with their disgusting trash? It’s quite infuriating. Beaches also have the potential to be dangerous at times. There are sharks, broken glass you can step on, the occasional huge wave that can break your back. I’ve actually been to a beach where the lifeguards suggested we do not swim because the angle of the waves was crushing people’s backs. They had five people hospitalized earlier that week due to these waves. One time I was walking down a beach at the Outer Banks and my boyfriend saw a shark right in the shallow of the water! We were walking right towards it. Thank goodness he saw it. The dangers above never really bothered me while I am at the beach. What has bothered me the most are the crabs. I HATE crabs, especially if you’re on the beach at night and they are everywhere. I can’t stand it. I was even bit by a crab while searching for seashells once. It was quite unpleasant. Nevertheless, I love the beach. I still believe it’s perfect even with all of its imperfections.

One thought on “Perfectly Imperfect Beach

  1. Indeed, the beach can be…unpleasant. I am unsure of whether you are introverted as I am, but the sheer number of people is enough to make introverted ones such as myself…uncomfortable. I do find it…interesting that the waves were able to injure bones, and wonder who exactly ended up in the hospital. It is good that you are able to get past these…imperfections and enjoy the company with you in the setting given.

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