Utter boredom because best friend Wiley the pit-bull wasn’t there to play.


2 thoughts on “Emophoto of boredom

  1. This is a cute picture even if the dog looks bored. When I saw the picture it reminded me of my dog, giving me the emotions, joy and sadness. Joy because the dog in the picture is really cute,and it reminded me of my pup, but also sad because I miss my dog.Hopefully the dog in the picture can see his friend Wiley soon so he wont be bored anymore. #talkingpolack106

    • I’m sorry my picture caused you to feel sad! I felt sad uploading it because I was reminded of how much I miss my dog too.In a way, I think he was sad as well as bored because Wiley wasn’t there. I hope they both get to see each other soon too! #talkingpolack106

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