Although the assignment for daily creates asked to focus on video ones, I never saw any by the time I made six daily creates.

Filter Here. Filter There.

This daily create was quite simple; we were asked to use a filter we had never used before. I actually used two filters I had never used before.  I used one from Instagram and one from Twitter to give a very bright and warm effect on the photo.

The Green Bottle

This daily create asked us to finish the prompt about a boy finding a green bottle. I tried to use the story method of building up to the big finale by adding one action after another until the end.

Changing the World


This daily create asked us to remix a photo (which ironically goes along nicely with Weeks 13 & 14). I took two separate photos of mine and uploaded them in Photoshop Elements 11. I cropped the dandelion and pasted it onto the background photo. Then I went to Effect –> Art Gallery –> Plastic Wrap in order to achieve the odd texture on the photo.

Tree Bridge

This daily create assignment asked us to find a picture to go with the song title “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” It just so happened that a couple of weeks ago when I went hiking, I walked across a tree bridge that was about 15 feet above some running water. I figured the photo went perfectly with the title. I used the app “Instacollage” in order to place the border with the title on the photo and then uploaded it to Flickr.

Dying Laughing

The daily create asked us to write a grook. I had to look up several examples of a grook in order to gain somewhat of a grasp on how to write one. I am still not sure if I truly did this correctly but this is what I came up with:

Dying Laughing


 is fun

And sometimes funny

But you may die hereafter

Inspirational Lyrics

Inspirational Lyrics

This daily create asked us to make a poster with inspirational lyrics on it. I thought that each of these lyrics from the two songs fit quite nicely with the background I chose.

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