Healthy Bad Habits

For this daily create we were asked to show how our bad habits can be good ones as well. I chose to take a video with my iPhone of my lunch that I was eating that day. Ham and cheese sandwich, sauteed asparagus and…Cheetos. I have the bad habit of making my healthy meal not so healthy…but as long as partly healthy it counts.



Compare this and that

Compare that girl to that girl

Compare that guy to that guy

Compare me to everyone


This daily create required some imagination and creativity because we were asked to take one word from a poem and make our own poem. I chose Shakespeare’s poem “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day” and I chose the word “compare.” If I am being honest, it is not even close to being as well written as Shakespeare which is of course to be expected. I made my poem more about how society is always pressuring us to compare ourselves to each other.



This daily create asked us to draw a picture describing our mood. I drew a person with fireworks all around them because I was in a celebrating mood due to my birthday having been celebrated over the weekend.

What I would have done if I had not lost the keys to my car is be on time for work. But if I had gone to work at the time I usually do, I would have been stuck in traffic for hours due to the accident on I-95. When I finally found my keys I checked the traffic before I left, which I would not have done if I had left at my usually time. I was able to avoid it all! Sometimes it pays off not to have a spare car key, most of the time it doesn’t.

This daily create asked that we finish the sentence “What I would have done if I had not lost..” with a short story. So I made my short story about losing my keys and the never ending traffic that is I-95.


The “AHH” Outlet

For this daily create we had to find a face in an object or something in an object that was not actually there. I picked an outlet because whenever I look at one, I always think it looks terrified or..electrified.


Fall is Starting

For this daily create it asked us to upload some photos that represent our favorite parts about summer. So I chose pictures from when I went hiking, of a pretty flower, the beach, and a Ferris wheel at the fair. These all represent summer to me.


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