Missing Pet Rock



For this daily create we were asked to make a missing poster. The example they used was Big Foot. You always see missing pet photos and I thought it would be funny to make one with a missing pet rock. I used Photoshop Elements 11 to make the poster and used I photo of a pet rock that I found on Google.


Hiking is My Happy Place




This daily create asked to show a picture of our happy place and the mountains and hiking is my happy place. It’s just so beautiful and peaceful. I think it’s impossible to feel unhappy when you’re walking through the mountains. This photo was taken in upstate New York in Catskills Mountain.

One Player


This daily create wanted us to make a game for one player. I have never tried and made my own game before. This was unfortunately the best I could come up with. I didn’t want to steal another games idea and tried to make mine original as possible. Hopefully some people find it fun!


This daily create asked us to make Halloween kirigami. I found a template online and I thought the bat was cool and definitely related to Halloween. The candle makes it a little more ominous.

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