Today’s daily create prompt is:

Paper Dandy’s book Horrorgami contains all you need to just make these scary figures, but we want you to make your own horrorgami, as Halloween approaches, and use the examples as inspiration only. What is horrorgami? Well, it is spooky kirigami, of course! Okay, there is a You Tube tutorial and if you search for kirigami templates…you might get some help from google. Photograph your final design with appropriate spooky lights, or video yourself making it and include your final design in the video.

It’s a bat! This is about as close to horrorgami as I could ever do. I found the bat template using a DIY website.

6 thoughts on “Horrorgami?

  1. Wow, very neat! It certainly looks like a bat. Holding it up in front of the candle really enhances the halloween aspect of the image. The shadows the light creates are spooky and gives the bat a glow. I assume you did this intentionally, good thinking and props to the creativity. #talkingpolack106

  2. I agree with Miles! The candle definitely adds a spooky and eerie element to your creation. Also, thanks for sharing the website with all of the templates. I ended up not doing this assignment because I couldn’t find a tutorial I liked. However, the one you’ve shared seems simple and user-friendly!

    • Thank you! I know what you mean by not finding a good template. I thought I would never find one that I was actually capable of making! Once I found that one I thought it would nice to be share with others if they ran into the same problem as me. #talkingpolack106

  3. This bat came out really well! I personally didn’t try this daily create because I’m not that creative with stuff like origami. The lighting from the candle along with dark background really helps make it look scary and it fits well with the theme of Halloween, so great job on the camerawork. #talkingpolack106

    • Thank you very much! I worked really hard on getting a good background for the photo. I definitely wanted the Halloween feel. I’m not much of an origami person either but luckily there was a YouTube tutorial. But I’m pretty sure I didn’t follow the instructions exactly right either haha.

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