Daily Create Wrap Up- Week 15

Feet in Room http://theprosperousdaisy.com/daily-create/feet-in-room/ This daily create asked us to take a picture of our feet wherever we were. Lucky I had cute socks on! Bokeh Okay http://theprosperousdaisy.com/daily-create/bokeh-okay/ This daily create asked us to submit an assignment with a bokeh background, and I have plenty of those photos on my Flickr account. Adult Coloring is […]

Daily Create Wrap Up Weeks 13 & 14

Giant Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head http://theprosperousdaisy.com/daily-create/giant-raindrops-keep-falling-on-my-head/ @ds106dc #tdc1408 #dailycreate Once I was in a place with giant raindrops and tiny umbrellas as plants. pic.twitter.com/Xq2bNIXcMn — Rachel Stanford (@rach_stanford23) November 16, 2015 This prompt asked us to draw a place we’ve been to in our dreams. There was one dream that came to mind […]