Daily Create Wrap Up- Week 15

Feet in Room http://theprosperousdaisy.com/daily-create/feet-in-room/ This daily create asked us to take a picture of our feet wherever we were. Lucky I had cute socks on! Bokeh Okay http://theprosperousdaisy.com/daily-create/bokeh-okay/ This daily create asked us to submit an assignment with a bokeh background, and I have plenty of those photos on my Flickr account. Adult Coloring is […]

Final Project

Rory Gilmore Post Gilmore Girls If you have ever watched Gilmore Girls, than you were probably completely disappointed by the final episode. So many questions left unanswered! So many stories left incomplete! Well now here is a chance to get a glimpse of what Rory has been up since the series ended. After Rory finished […]

Rory in the News

Newspaper Design- 4 Stars x 2 Prompt for this assignment: Design a newspaper. Using word, photoshop, or whatever make a fictional newspaper, and put together the front page for today. You can use real articles or you can write your own, but the design of the newspaper should be original. The Work Itself Story Behind […]