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Use an image editing software to create a logo for your webpage. The logo should have some type of text involving the name of your website. Try to remember how things like rhythm, color, and texture, can be used effectively when you create the logo. Add the logo to your webpage. If your Web site’s theme allows it, you can add the logo to the page under “customize” in the Themes tab.

I chose this assignment because I’ve been wanting to make my own logo for the website and this assignment gave me the push to do it!

The Work Itself


Screenshot (29)

Here is the logo up on the website. I would like to have made it longer and more spaced out but the theme does not allow it.

The Story Behind the Story

I’ve had some experience with Photoshop design because I took a class in high school. That experience along with the tips we learned this week helped me design this logo. But it may change because I think I could do some improvements.

Narrating the Process

For this project I used Photoshop Elements 11 and an icon I downloaded from the Noun Project (credit is given below). I started by creating a blank canvas in Elements and then finding fonts within the program that looked somewhat girly (which is what I think of when I hear the word “daisy”). However, using the tips we learned this week I thought it would be best if I used two different fonts to add some texture to the logo, which is exactly what I did. Each text is a different layer so I was able to move each word around in order to position it just right. Then I used the paint bucket tool in order to change the color of the daisy.




Icon Credit:


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