That Bleeping Censor- 5 Stars

The prompt for this assignment is:

You get to be the censor of a movie scene or clip.  Choose a sound effect or dialogue you want to substitute for a recurring phrase or expletive, or over-used character speech and use it at the appropriate moments in your movie. This is five stars, so you need a movie scene or clip longer than 2 minutes.

The Work Itself

Story Behind the Story

I usually do not like an easy task. I am more about accomplishing a big challenge. Therefore I researched movies with the most profanity. Many of the movies I had never heard of but then I found the very famous Wolf of Wall Street and I knew that’s the one I could have a lot of fun with. There was even an article in the New York Times about how much cursing is in the movie. If you have ever seen Wolf of Wall Street, then you know just how much cursing there is. Before watching this movie, I had never realized how vulgar it could be to work on Wall Street. When you think of a bunch of business men in suits, your first thought isn’t that they curse like a sailor. I suppose I always assumed they were classy rich (and a little douchy) men. I just couldn’t believe that this movie was accurately portraying what it was like to work on Wall Street at that time. However, I am sure things have changed slightly since the 1980s.

Narrating the Process

As stated before, I researched the movies with the most profanity and I discovered Wolf of Wall Street. Then I found a clip on YouTube from the movie that had quite a bit of cursing within just a couple of minutes. In fact, it is one of the first scenes of the movie, which I find funny that these many curse words were already being spoken. To convert the YouTube clip into a suitable format I used a website with YouTube to .mp4 capabilities and downloaded it.

Next I uploaded the clip into Audacity in order to edit out the curse words and replace them with a noise. I attempted to use a donkey sound from, but the bleeps were too short to really hear the full effect of the donkey noise. I really wanted to use the donkey noise to symbolize that these Wall Street guys were total as holes, but oh well. I also lowered the volume of the curse words by using going to Effect–> Fade In and Fade Out.

Screenshot (51)

After the audio was edited, I uploaded the .mp4 file into Windows Movie Maker, along with the .mp3 file. I made sure the video and the audio lined up as best as possible. Finally, I added the title and credits slide along with intro and outro music from

Screenshot (52)


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