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Where and Why I Chose to Photoblitz

So I chose to photoblitz at my boyfriend’s apartment. There is several beautiful plants landscaped outside of his complex so I thought it might be a good place. I also knew that the photoblitz list asked for unusual objects to capture and for whatever reason, there are some strange objects in an apartment full of four boys. Unfortunately, it was quite rainy when I decided to take pictures, so the lighting is not as great as I would have liked it to be.

What was the experience like?

The photoblitz was actually more difficult than I had anticipated. Trying to get such specific pictures in a small amount of time is not that easy. Despite its difficulty, it was still a fun experience! Running around looking for the perfect shot was a great time. Sometimes I would take several different types of photos for the same item on the list hoping that one would end up being the perfect picture. Although it was fun,  I prefer taking my time when taking pictures.

What photos worked for you best?

The photos that worked best for me was leading lines, complexity, and weird angles. Since I have taken a photography class before, I knew what to do to get leading lines, yet the only good leading lines I found were on an air conditioning unit. Any photo taken in nature is complex because nature itself has always been complex in my eyes. Therefore taking a photo of complexity was easy to find.

The Best Photos from the Pool


Photo taken by: Ashley Runk (adoesneuropsych)

I thought this photo was great for the item of an odd shadow on the photoblitz list. I really like that she brought the actual object to the forefront of the photo. It creates a fantastic dynamic in the photo.


Photo taken by: Amanda Wassenberg (amandawassenberg)

I thought this was a perfect photo for the “weird angle” on the photobliz item list. I like that she did not just take a picture of the door wide open. Leaving it partially open added more textures and dynamic to the photo.


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