Favorite Song (1.5 Stars)

“Take your favorite song. Remove the lyrics. Play only up to thirty seconds of the song. Listener must be able to guess. “

I was more than happy to do this assingment. I have always wanted to know how to take lyrics out of songs and now I do! I will now begin forcing all of my friends into a karaoke night at my house at least once a week. Not really. But really.

If you go to a previous post you will see the programs plugins I downloaded and the steps I took to import the file into Audacity and and export it as well.

Now I would like you to listen to the lyric-less song and see if you can figure out what it is. No Shazam!

Have you figured it out yet? I’ll tell you. It’s Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’.”

This is my all time favorite song and the album that it’s on, Full Moon Fever, is the most amazing album I’ve ever heard. If you’re from my generation, you may have never heard of this song, or Tom Petty but I think it’s truly beautiful and has always had a way of calming me down. My mom used to play the Full Moon Fever album when we would just go driving around on Catawba Mountain so I think that is why I find it relaxing. It’s always so tranquil driving around in the Appalachian Mountains. I love this song and this album so much that I did a report and presentation on it for my English class in high school. It’s such “freeing” song and really cool album.

Removing the lyrics proved to be super simple once I imported the song from my computer. I followed a tutorial I found and it ended up being easier than I thought it would be. Below you can see what the song looked like when I first imported it.Screenshot (11)

First I had to split the clips up by going to Edit –>split

Next I had to change just one clip to Mono.

Lastly, the tutorial told me to go to Effects —> Invert. As you can see below.Screenshot (12)


Then I followed the assignment instructions by cutting the song down to 30 seconds. I did this by selecting everything except the first 30 seconds. Then I went to Edit –> Delete. That was it! Pretty simple procedure.

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