This is my second assignment that I have submitted for the semester. It is a pretty simple and open ended assignment. You make a collage that defines your personality or something else with meaning to you.

The prompt is:

This comes with simple instructions. Make a collage with images and words that describe you or mean something to you. This can either be done with actual materials like paper and magazine clips or by taking images, memes, and fonts from the Internet. Be careful to focus on the design of the collage, not just putting things together in a big glob. Have fun and be creative!

The Work Itself

Story Behind the Story

I needed more decorations for my extremely bland dorm room so I decided to make my own wall decorations. I remember doing this a long time ago as something fun for my friends and I to do so I thought it would be fun once again. I wanted to make sure that it included words and images that said something about me or my opinions.

Narrating the Process

For this assignment I used canvas board, paint, and a huge stack of old magazines. I flipped through each magazine looking for words or images within it that resonated with me.

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