On The Cover Of A Teen Mag [Remixed]: Go Emo- 6.13 Stars

The prompt for this assignment is:

Take a popular figure from politics, education, that you would not expect to be there, on the cover of a teen fan magazine. Bonus points if the cover includes a heart throb of initials JB and a lot of pink color. Re-edit the text as well to blend them into the style of the magazine.

Remix Card: “Go Emo”

Redo an assignment with a darkness theme of anguished youth- use black colors and metal sounds. Too old? Look it up.

The Work Itself


Before the Remix (by Carmela Mitchell)

Kennedy Cover

The Story Behind the Story

When I got the prompt along with the remix card for this assignment, I was excited. It seemed like the perfect amount of challenge and humor for me. I still remember those days of middle school and high school where I would waste my time with teen magazines. There were plenty of games to occupy my time during road trips and tons of pictures of cute boy celebrities. I could not stop laughing with I thought of the combination of political teen magazine with an emo twist!

Narrating the Process

First thing to do was try and find another ds106 student that had created a magazine cover for the assignment. Luckily I found a pretty great example with the Kennedy’s on it, which you can see above.

Next I Googled what an emo magazine may look like and found that the colors black (of course), pink, yellow, and red were quite common among each magazine. This made my job easier because the magazine cover that was already edited contained many of these colors.

Screenshot (65)

Then I got to work with remixing my emo magazine. I first started by changing the people’s hair colors and shirts to make them seem more emo. Then I changed some of the background colors in order to give it more of an emo magazine look. For both of these actions I used the “Quick Selection” tool and the “Paint Bucket” tool. When using the “Paint Bucket” tool, I used two different settings. I used the “Overlay” setting for hair in order for it to keep the texture and the “Normal” setting for the background colors.

Screenshot (71)

Screenshot (73)

Screenshot (74)

Next I changed some of the text in order to give that more emo vibe too. I also put “The Screaming Kennedy’s” so they seemed more like a band.

I really wanted to make sure that I kept the essence of the teen magazine while also giving it that emo remix.

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