Make it 800% Slower-3.5

Music producer Nick Pittsinger slowed Bieber’s “U Smile” down 800% and the result was ethereal magic. Find a song to experiment with and slow it down to the point where it becomes an amazing piece of ambient music. If doing this with Audacity or any other non-linear digital editor, you’ll likely have to perform multiple lengthings of the song. Be sure to pitch shift so that even though the track is longer, it doesn’t become just a low pitched version (think of the sound used in a slow-mo moment of someone yelling Nooooooo).

This assignment looked fun and it gave me the chance to learn something new because I wasn’t sure how to slow down the song without making it sound absolutely horrible.

The Work Itself


The Story Behind the Story

Attempting to make ambient proved to be a difficult task and it certainly did not have the same effect as the example used in the prompt. However, I believe it has a relaxing tone to it at times and is that type of song you can just lay in your bed and stare at the ceiling for hours while listening to it. The actual song is “Obvious Bicycle” by Vampire Weekend. I would say most of their music is the type you can listen to and automatically relax but by making the song ambient, it is even more so relaxing. It’s important for each person to take a step back from life and relax for awhile and this song is just the way to get started.

Narrating the Process

So the assignment suggested we use PaulStretch to create the desired ambient effect. I did not like the sound it made, it was too harsh and it took forever to convert the song into PaulStretch. So I looked for a different route. I noticed there was one tutorial  for this assignment so I used that one instead. It was quite simple. All it requires is going to Effect –> Change Tempo and then adjusting the song to as slow as you would like. This can be seen in the screenshots below. To put it perspective, the original song is only a little over four minutes long. By changing the tempo, I extended the time to almost 17 minutes.

Screenshot (33)

Screenshot (34)

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