Inanimate Motion- 4 Stars

The prompt to this assignment is:

Take successive photos of inanimate objects and put them together in a way that it makes at least one inanimate object move. Make it tell a story!! Bonus points for an epic sound track attached. The idea here is bringing something inanimate to life through the power of video, without taking away the fact that the object in motion is obviously not supposed to be able to move on its own. Make it cheesy, make it awesome, make it rock.

The Work Itself

The Story Behind the Story

Even though Halloween is over, does not mean scary and unusually  things can’t happen. I remember there was a Daily Create awhile back that asked us to make a montage of some scary looking pumpkins and that is where part of my inspiration for this video came from. The other part was that these pumpkins have been sitting in my house for over a month and I find them completely useless so I decided to create a use out of them. What’s more terrifying than seeing a couple of pumpkins step by step make their way towards you and then creepily walk back up the steps towards your bedroom! No thank you.

Narrating the Process

To achieve this idea that the pumpkins are in motion, I set up my Nikon L120 camera in front of the steps. I began with the pumpkins at the top of the shot. I would take one photo of them, then move each one a step at a time, take another photo and so on and so forth.

Once that process was completed, I uploaded the photos into Windows Movie Maker. As you can see below. The video was quite short when the pumpkins were only going down the steps, so I extended it by having them go back up the steps as well. Once the pictures were in the correct order, I added a title and credits, along with scary music from Free Music Archive.

Screenshot (58)

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