It was really great looking at other student’s blogs and I was able to learn quite a few things about the people in my class and even some different ideas for my blog. One thing I learned that I found incredibly helpful was another way to make a gif. One girl that I saw made her gif using an online gif generator and I personally would have preferred using an online gif creator rather than downloading three programs and going through so many extra steps. Her way seemed more simplistic and straightforward and I will definitely be using that from now on! The same person that made a gif online also made the same blog post very personal by discussing how she was feeling really depressed at a particular time. I realized by reading her blog post that I should start making my blog posts a little more personal because it might give readers a chance to relate more to what I am discussing in certain post.

I also really liked how one blogger described what he or she thought about when they thought about storytelling. They conveyed storytelling as just simply sitting around chatting with old friends, which was utterly different from my version of storytelling. My version included tall tales like Paul Bunyan and old ghost stories my mom used to tell me, but I never thought about how stories from your friends could also be great narrations as well.

In another some other blogs I saw , they had posts that were not assigned. One girl had a post of just some photographs she had taken and another guy had a random story that I do not think had to do with anything for class. Nevertheless, I loved seeing the photography because I am quite passionate about it and I even learned a tip from the photography post about how to take better photos using an iPhone. These blog posts showed me that I do have the freedom to write whatever I want and that it does not always have to be for the class. I honestly do not know why that did not occur to me sooner.

It was certainly a learning experience looking at what other bloggers have been up to and I plan on looking at more blogs in the future weeks so I can learn about other people and see what new ideas I can come up with for my own blog.

Thus far no one has commented on my blog so nothing to report on the feedback I’ve gotten.


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