Special Person Montage- 5 Stars

This assignment‘s prompt is:

For this assignment you are to decide on who is special to you. It could be a relative, sibling, parent, friend, mentor, celebrity, or anyone. Then you are to make a video of images or video clips of them showing all the different things that they do that makes them special to you. Add music, animation, transition, anything to make the video. In your write-up be sure to explain why the person is special to you.

So prepare yourself for total cheesiness because I chose my boyfriend. Since I am someone into photography, I have plenty of photos to use for a montage. I used to do this sort of thing all of the time in middle school for my friend’s birthday’s so I thought it might be fun to start it back up!

The Work Itself

The Story Behind the Story

I chose this assignment for a couple of reasons. I have plenty of photos to choose from and I also have a lot of special people to choose from! I chose my wonderful boyfriend, John because his birthday is coming up next week and I thought this would be a cute video to surprise him with. He truly is a great and genuine person that I can always have fun with no matter if we’re watching our favorite show or going on an adventure in the mountains. He is always there for me even when I am completely stressed out from school and take it out on him.

Narrating the Process

I used Windows Movie Maker for this assignment. It is very user friendly and basic so the assignment turned out very easy. I opened the photos up in Windows Movie Maker, added the title, the transitions between photos, a few captions, and one song.

You can see that the transitions are under the tab “Animations” and all that is required is picking a transition.

Screenshot (49)

Unfortunately when I converted the video into a mp4 so I could upload it to YouTube, the quality became significantly worse. I am not sure how to fix that problem.

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