Review the suggestions for photography. Pick at least 3 to try in the context of doing other visual assignments this week or just for practice, and write a blog post showing the results. Add the one that you think helped you the most, and summarize in a blog post, make sure to reflect back to all reading.

Rule of Thirds 

The best tip I have ever received regarding photography is the rule of thirds, which is demonstrated here by David Kuropatwa. Rules and tips of photography are nothing new to me. I took a class in high school and it helped me develop my photography skills quite a bit. I would say that the Rule of Thirds is the BIGGEST rule of taking pictures. It really adds to the photo when you use the rule. I know this photo below would not look as nice without me using the rule of thirds. It is just more visually pleasing with the subject of the photo is placed using the rule of thirds.


Change My Perspective By Changing Yours

This tip is from David duChemin’s TEN: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involve Buying Gear. This tip was especially helpful during the photoblitz challenge because one of the items on the list was to snap a photo at a weird angle. It was a difficult task for me because I have been so used to taking photos at “normal” angles and have never stopped to think about unusual ones. However, this tip worked well in my favor.

Weird Angle

Become a Better Photographer By Asking One Simple Question

Another great tip that I saw this week was from John Davenport and he said photographers should ask “What happens when I do this?” I thought this was a great tip because it encourages photographers to experiment and go outside their comfort zone, which can really churn out some great photos. I always wanted one of those photos of a city landscape where all you can see are the lights from it. But the lights are blurred. I had no idea how to create that effect with my camera so I just decided I would keep trying until I got it. “What happens when I do this? Or how about when I try this!” Eventually I ended up the a final product that I was satisfied with. I have included the successful one first along with a failed attempt.


There are so many more tips I could have mentioned or put into practice, but that would become an infinite list. I believe these three tips mentioned are quite useful and the rule of thirds is particularly useful because it is able to enhance any photo in my opinion.


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