Here is the prompt to this assignment.

   “Find something in your house. Take a picture. Let your imagination churn. Make as many different augmented versions as you can think of. Help others see what’s in your head.”

As you can see, I took a regular TV stand and turned into a tee-pee, ice cream cone, and an extremely buff man that forgot leg day. It is so great when someone is able to turn an ordinary object like a folding table into so many different things. In high school, I had an art teacher tell me that the world is just an assortment of lines and shapes and projects like this one prove that. The TV stand is not just in the shape of a TV stand, it is able to take on the form of several things when you start to think about it long enough. I know that this table could be transformed into so many objects; however, I was not able to think of any more because my mind is not creative like an artists.

The process for this project was fairly simple. I took the picture of the table and opened it in Photoshop Elements 11. For the tee-pee, I flipped the picture around because I thought the bottom of the table seemed more like the top of a tee-pee. Then I used the quick selection tool to select the middle of the table in order to fill in the color with the paint bucket tool. Next I proceeded to use the line tool to create the rest of the shapes within the tee-pee. The ice cream was a little easier than the tee-pee. I only had to use two shapes, the triangle and the ellipse tool. Then I dotted the ice cream with chocolate chips and strawberries by using the paint brush tool. Finally I cropped the bottom legs out of the picture because they are not essential to the ice cream. Now the buff man was my first attempt at the project, before I figured out a better procedure to use than making several different. For his picture, I only used the line tool because I was not thinking and did not realize that the triangle tool would have made much more sense to use for his upper body.

I almost gave up on trying to make more objects after I finished making the man but I wanted to try and do better than that. I am much more satisfied with how the tee-pee and the ice cream turned out and I am so happy that I decided to continue to try out other shapes in hopes that I would improve. Practice makes perfect and these photos truly prove that. You can really see improvement after the fiasco of the man I attempted to create. If there is anything this class has taught me so far, it is that you cannot give up after a little discouragement. It is always best to continue and persevere.


teepeeDSCN5344Buff Man WalkingDSCN5344

5 thoughts on “If Fail, Try Again

  1. I love what you came up with for this assignment! Anyone can look at the original photo and tell that its a TV table but your imagination turned it into various different things that others may not have seen when trying to creatively look at the object. When reading the prompt for the assignment and comparing it to how you completed it, everything was done correctly and done well.

  2. Hey Rachel!

    You’re in my group! Yay.
    I love the ideas that you came up with. So simple but really funny! Especially the man who skipped leg day. I think your Tee-pee one is the best because it fits perfectly into the triangular space.
    Yes, not giving up is a good lesson to learn because there are plenty of times in this class that I just want to give up on everything or throw my computer out of a window.


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