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If you have ever watched Gilmore Girls, than you were probably completely disappointed by the final episode. So many questions left unanswered! So many stories left incomplete! Well now here is a chance to get a glimpse of what Rory has been up since the series ended.

After Rory finished following the second Obama Campaign, she received a job offer with the New York Times and jumped right into global journalism. They sent her straight to Syria last year to cover the horrific events occurring in the country at the hands of ISIS. For months, brave Rory lived in Syria documenting everything she saw and heard and emailing her finding to the New York Times and her coverage would almost always be published. Rory had to be careful though, she couldn’t use her real name anywhere, she had a fake ID, a burner phone and laptop, and never stayed in the same place for more than two nights. Occasionally she would conduct television interviews for news stations around the world to inform the true autocracies she witnessed.


Despite the immediate danger she was in, Rory loved what she was doing. It was she had always dreamed of and it was her true talent. Her only regret was that she wasn’t able to talk with family, especially her mom as much as she would like. She desperately missed her mom and couldn’t wait until her vacation began in a week so she could meet her new baby sister. Lorelai and Luke finally married six months after Rory began working on the Obama Campaign and now they have a beautiful baby girl together and Rory could not be happier for them.

So the week before Rory was supposed to fly home for a well earned vacation she had gotten sloppy and decided to stay in the same location for more than two days because it was so close to the airport she would be taking to go home. She figured she had lasted an entire year without being caught so it was unlikely that the week before she left, they would find her. She was unfortunately wrong.

Rory Newspaper

After receiving the news that Lorelai’s daughter was abducted, she was beside herself. She had no idea what to do or if there was anything she could do. All she wanted was Rory back home and safe and once she had that, she would never let her precious daughter out of sight ever again. Luke mentioned that Lorelai still hadn’t told her parents the news but she didn’t have to because not a second later, Mrs. Gilmore called Lorelai in hysterics. Once Mrs. Gilmore was able to calm down, the three began stating their options of what to do. They decided that the first thing to do is hold a press conference in order to bring more awareness to Rory situation and let ISIS know that they are not afraid.


For weeks the Gilmore’s waited for a response from ISIS but nothing. They were beginning to lose hope, except for Lorelai of course because she would never give up on her daughter. Finally, after weeks, Rory was released under the condition that she would never go back to the Syria or report anymore on the events taking place within the country.


Newspaper 3

Rory is happy to be home and everyone is happy to have her home. She doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

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