Rhythm: “Family Unplugged” ad

I thought this was a good example of the design element rhythm because there is the same font found all the way down the page which brings this busy ad together and creates more unity. With so many images and color, the ad is kind of all over the place so the font is the only thing that brings any focus or design element to it.

Symmetry: Subway ad

This subway creates the perfect picture of symmetry because there is a sandwich on each side. Although they clearly represent two types of sandwiches, symmetry is still there. We saw in the video about symmetry on the week six page that symmetry does not mean two objects mirror each other. In fact, the video showed many opposites which created a great metaphor.

Typography: Coffee-mate Creamer

The font on this bottle of creamer seemed like a perfect example of good typography. Although it is not as modern as most packaging these days, it is well-known among many coffee fans. Even a person saw the font of the logo but with a different, they would still know what it is. The typography on this bottle brings attention to all of the important aspects of it, which is crucial when it comes to typography.

Functionality: Refrigerator

This my seem like a strange example, but when you think about it, refrigerators are quite functional and highly important to almost everyone. I chose this one because in one of the websites under the function heading, mentioned how some fridges do not have handles in the front, but ones on the side and that was an example of bad functionality. However, the website said that fridges with handles on the front of it were much more functional so I thought this refrigerator was great example!


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