In general, I had a lot of fun making our Wacky History radio show. It was great figuring out all of the history on dentures and wedding rings because both are still quite relevant today despite the fact they have been around for centuries. Overall, I believe it turned out to be a great show that just needs some tuning up.

These are the following critiques for Wacky History radio show:

1) A group member added much of the background music to our radio show and I believe she did a great job. It gave the show a more bubbly and laid back vibe, which is the kind of show we were going for.

2) I notice after going back and listening to it a couple more times, there are some long pauses between sentences for my segment. I now wish I had realized how long they were and cut some that space out.

3) Unfortunately, there seemed to be some miscommunication among members of the group so parts of the segments are not as seamless and consistent as I had hoped they would be. We could have done better at making sure the history of dentures flowed better than it did.

4) Despite its lack of flow, I liked that we added questions between each other because I think it helped give more information but in a more personal way rather than just announcing it to a whole audience. I also liked that we added a segment of celebrities with dentures in order to bring the history of dentures to a more modern and relevant time period. Also, who doesn’t want to know what celebrities are wearing a couple of fake teeth?

5) I thought it was cool that a group member added the “lightning round” to add some cool facts about other products we were not able to cover in our show.

6) The volume levels of the show turned out great. There is not one part that is overly loud compared to other parts of the show.

Generally speaking, I think the show as a whole turned out great. There were a lot of fun facts that listeners were able to learn and share with their friends and family. Even though the show was about history, it was on things that are still relevant and current to our society today which is very important when creating a show for the radio.


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