Overall the Digital Story Fellers radio show was great. It had current even stories that were very interesting and many were quite compelling. The show had very serious tone due to the stories that they told but they had fun music in between each segment which made it fun to listen to.

The following are my critiques to the show:

1) The introduction music was a little too loud and distracting which made it a little difficult to hear what the speaker was saying. I would suggest just lowering the volume level of music and increasing the volume of the voice, or using the “Amplify” effect in Audacity. Perhaps even editing out the vocals from the music would have made it less distracting.

2) I liked that the show made a website and told listeners to go check it out. It made the show sound more authentic and real and it was a great touch to the show. I wish I had thought of that!

3) I thought the music for the intro and outro of the sports segment of the show fit perfectly with that particular segment. Also the Lamar Odom story was very current and relevant which I think is important for the type of radio show this was.

4) The music used during a bumper was a little loud and I had no idea what the speaker was saying. So I would suggest the same thing as I did with the introduction.

5) I enjoyed both commercials sound effects. The computer noises and the winding blowing went along perfectly with the two advertisements.

6) I thoroughly enjoyed the last segment. It was a great way to end the show because it was so uplifting and inspirational. I liked the background music used because it was very calming and went well the segment. It was almost like listening to a yoga instructor during a class. If you’ve never been to a yoga glass, you will probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

7) The outro helped pull the show to a good close and once again, it made me feel like I was listening to a real radio show.

8) Some of the transition music wasn’t as seamless as others. I think just having them fade out rather than end abruptly would have fixed this issue.

As stated before, it is overall a great show and it was quite entertaining. I felt like I was listening to the local news because there were so many types of segments on the show.

Great job, Fellers!


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