How to Color Splash in Photoshop Elements 11

I remembered doing something like this in a Photoshop class in high school so I just played with some tools and techniques until I found the fastest and easiest way. Here is a blog of my original post for this assignment, which equated to 3.5 stars. Although there are many tutorials for this assignment, I did not see one that included Photoshop Elements 11 or the same process that I used. The following is a tutorial of how to create the color splash technique in Photoshop Elements 11.

Start off by choosing a picture with a colorful subject and opening into Photoshop Elements 11.

Screenshot (104)

First use the Quick Selection found highlighted in the tool bar and select the subject you would like to keep its color. Then right click on the selected subject and select Layer via Copy. This will create a new layer within the project that only contains the selected subject. Screenshot (105)

Now select the original photo and go to Enhance –> Adjust Color –> Remove Color.Screenshot (106)

This step may not be necessary for you, but I wanted the colorful selected subject to pop more. So I went to Enhance –> Adjust Lighting –> Brightness/Contrast. Screenshot (107)

Then I increased the contrast all the way to create a more monochromatic background. Screenshot (108)

That finishes this tutorial! It’s a pretty straightforward and easy procedure.

Original Photo


Finished Product

Green Snake


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