Morse Code Challenge- 5 Stars

Here is the prompt for this assignment:

This challenge can either be completed as an Audio Assignment, or a Visual Assignment. Inspired by a similar challenge, involving the use of American Sign Language, this challenge has you try to spell out words using Morse Code, and seeing who can guess what the word is. Anything goes, as long as the Morse Code standards of dots and dashes are represented in one form or another. Again, the longer the word, the better your chances of stumping someone with it!

The Work Itself

The Story Behind the Story

I chose this assignment because I saw another student who did this and it seemed as though she had fun working on this. I also recalled when I was younger and my brother and I would play with Walkie-Talkies and try to use Morse Code in order to talk without our parents understanding what we were saying.

—–Spoiler Alert: About to spill the beans on what word I used——

For this assignment, I chose the word “globalization” for a number of reasons. As an International Affairs major, globalization is always on my mind and if you think about it, Morse Code was a form of globalization many decades ago. Before the Internet, before phones, people used letters and as quicker method for communication, the telegraph. Morse Code was used with telegraphs and it was a great form of communication given the time period and assisted in keeping the world connected.

Narrating the Process

To get a grasp on Morse Code I watched this YouTube video, which is an old documentary that incredibly helpful in teaching Morse Code. I also used this website to help convert the word, globalization, into Morse Code. Once I got the correct dits and dahs for the word, I decided to use Audacity to record the sound it makes. As you can see, once it was recorded the dits and dahs are quite apparent.

Screenshot (53)

My next step in the process was to create photos with the dits and dahs so others can visualize the sounds they hear. For this process, I used Photoshop Elements 11 and I placed the dits and dahs on a blank canvas the size of a 4×4.

Screenshot (55)

Then I placed each photo in Windows Movie Maker in order to spell out “globalization”. Next I lined up the photos with the audio of the Morse Code, added a title and credits, and music from Free Music Archive for the title and credits.

Screenshot (56)

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