So for these past couple of weeks we have been working on a radio show. One of the requirements was to create a bumper and this is what I came up with!

The Work Itself

The Story Behind the Story

I decided to pick upbeat music for the radio bumper. Obviously with a name like Wacky History, you can’t have serious music or serious subjects. So I chose a song from my favorite music artist Tom Petty. In my personal opinion, Petty really knows how to get a crowd going and I thought one of his songs would be good to grab the attention of a listener.

Narrating the Process

From a previous audio assignment, I learned how to remove the vocals from a song. However, this time I found a much simpler way which is Effect –> Vocal Remover. I wish I had only learned this process sooner!

Screenshot (35)

Then I recorded what I wanted to say for the bumper and made the newly lyric-less music as the background. I made sure that my voice would be louder than the music by using the volume toggle on the sides of the sound clip.

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