Reenact a Viral Video- 4 Stars

Here is the prompt for this assignment:

Take a viral video from the internet (let’s say with at least a million views) and reenact it. You can put your own twist on it or keep things simple. Either way there are thousands of videos to choose from.

The Work Itself

The Story Behind the Story

I picked to do this assignment because I think viral videos are a true phenomena on the internet. It’s amazing how only a certain pool of videos are chosen to be passed on to millions of people. I chose the viral video of the Baby Panda Sneezing because I think it’s adorable and always hilarious no matter how many times you watch it. I always wonder what makes a video go viral on the Internet.  The only commonality between any viral video I have ever seen is that they invoke a strong emotion. Most of the time it is laughter that occurs and people always want to share something that is funny.

Narrating the Process

To start this assignment, I converted the original YouTube clip into .mp4 format using this website. I did this for two reasons. 1) I wanted people to have the chance to see the original before mine and 2) in order to take the sound from the original and place over my own video.

That leads me into my next step which was to place the .mp4 file in audacity in order to convert and export it as an .mp3 file. That way I would be able to place over top my own video in Windows Movie Maker.

Next, my roommate and I recorded the video outside. She was nice enough to play along and pretend to eat grass. While I pretended to sneeze.

Then I uploaded each video into Windows Movie Maker. I placed the audio file over top my own reenactment and made sure that they lined up. Then I placed a title and credits along with music from Free Music Archive.

Screenshot (62)



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