The blog post I chose to read was written over three years ago and it is called Mirror, Mirror. I chose this digital story at first because the assignment name sounded fun, which was “The Way It Should Have Been,” and it asked bloggers to reenact stories from movies, books, or TV in a way that they think would have made it better or more interesting. When I started to look at the assignments past students have done, I noticed that one was about Sons of Anarchy (haven’t seen it but have heard great things about it) and another was about the Wayfarer Redemption Series (never heard of this in my 20 years of life). Finally I saw Mirror, Mirror and of course I assumed it would be about Snow White so I thought that would be fun to see how some changed the fairy tale around. Well to my delightful surprise, it had nothing to do with Snow White and everything to do with the amazing Harry Potter! When I read that, I was hooked and did not want to go looking for any other story. I also appreciated that before the writer started telling the story, he or she wrote the audience a few paragraphs about why they chose to change the story of Harry Potter in this particular way.

In this blogger’s story, he or she places Ron in the Slytherin house rather than Gryffindor like all the other Weasleys, which causes Ron to question his moral character. Unfortunately, the writer does not go into a great and detailed novel about how Ron’s first year at Hogwarts but the little bit they do provide foreshadows the hell Ron will be going through for years to come. Nevertheless the story felt quite unfinished and the blogger could have dove a little deeper into the story but maybe they did not give away too much of the story in order for readers to use their imagination about what comes next.

There did not really seem to be an arc to the short story. The author seemed to be building up to a climax but never reached one nor did they find a resolution, which is all fine with me because I am such a Potter-head so the arc of the story wasn’t as important to me. The story does, however, have a shape and that shape starts off in the middle and gradually becomes lower and lower.

This is a digital story because it was on an online media site and it tells another side of Harry Potter that I am sure not many people have thought about. Not only that, it demonstrates how much of an impact stories like Harry Potter have on our culture. There are so many fan fiction websites for Harry Potter it is probably impossible to count. This epic tale has done a tremendous job at bringing people of all different ages and all different backgrounds and that is one makes it so special. It is a story that almost everyone can relate to, which is why I was able to dive right into the Mirror, Mirror story. It’s truly incredible how stories can form communities such as the ones you see on the Internet. Digital stories are ones that people relate to and form communities on the Internet with.







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