Have A Phone Conversation With Yourself

“Using Audacity or another audio editing software, record yourself holding down both sides of a conversation. Using the pitch changer and/or other effects, change your voice so it sounds like two different people are talking.”

This is by far the most embarrassing assignment that I have done. I know I am not the only one who hates the sound of their recorded voice. It honestly makes me cringe when I hear my voice on a video or recording. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed this assignment because I was laughing so hard from it. Once you listen to it, you’ll understand why.

I decided to go with a conversation between my “dad” and I. This is the conversation we usually have when my dad decides he is technologically inept enough to call me. I thought it would be easy and phone to recreate it myself. Just so everyone knows, my actual does not exactly sound like this recording.

In order to recreate a phone conversation with my father, I had to download the wonderful Audacity software, as well as the other plugins that go with it in order to import files and export files.

I also signed up for freesound.org, in order to get sound effects if needed. In this case I did need a sound effect! I wanted the sound of the phone ringing. So I listened to a few ringing tones until I found the perfect one. I downloaded it, then imported it into the file.

Next I wrote out the conversation on paper so I was able to read directly from it so I would forget anything. I also made sure to pause after each different speaker so I could easily edit the one I needed to.

After I was done recording, I needed a way to change the voice that was supposed to be my dad. I selected a portion meant to be my dad and I went to effects then change pitch as you can see in this screenshot. I lowered the pitch to make a more manly sound out of my voice and it worked perfectly! To change the rest of the talking parts for my dad, I just repeated the same steps. Screenshot (15)


After exporting the file as MP3, I uploaded it to my SoundCloud account. Now you are able to hear the final product. *feel free to laugh at me*

I really enjoyed this assignment because it gave me a chance to laugh at myself as I sit in my room having a conversation with myself. It also reminded of how much I love and miss my family (and pray that they never find this clip).

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