This site will take you on roller coaster of thrills and emotions as you watch it gradually progress into a (hopefully) phenomenal blog as I learn more and more about digital storytelling.  Here’s a little information about me so that you can learn something too while you’re on this website!

I am Rachel and a junior at University of Mary Washington. My major is International Affairs with a concentration in Latin America, and I hope that one day this major leads me to study cultures in Hispanic America. I am not from the wonderful Fred Vegas, actually my hometown is in a valley within the Appalachian Mountains and is probably the main reason that hiking is one of my favorite hobbies. I love going home to the mountains and spending time with my family, whom I miss very much! I’ve already explained this in my introduction post, but in case you missed it, the name of the blog is based on what Rachel means in Chinese, which is “the perfect amount of prosperity.” Ever since I learned that, I’ve thought it was quite interesting and figured a blog would be the perfect to incorporate it into.

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