Critiquing Us

In general, I had a lot of fun making our Wacky History radio show. It was great figuring out all of the history on dentures and wedding rings because both are still quite relevant today despite the fact they have been around for centuries. Overall, I believe it turned out to be a great show […]

Critiquing Them

Overall the Digital Story Fellers radio show was great. It had current even stories that were very interesting and many were quite compelling. The show had very serious tone due to the stories that they told but they had fun music in between each segment which made it fun to listen to. The following are […]

Reflecting on Radio

A reflection upon your contribution to the radio show and to your assessment of the group process: How did your group go about choosing a theme and organizing itself? We used Canvas discussion boards in order to communicate. People we throwing out ideas but I believe it was Maryna who came up with the idea […]

Haunting Commercial

The Work Itself The Story Behind the Story Since Halloween is just around the corner and all of the haunted houses are opening up I thought it would be relevant to put in the show. I tried to make it sound as scary as possible without actually frightening people. I think haunted houses and haunted […]