Keep Practicing

“Write a blog post and see if you can figure out how to embed a flickr set into your blog post. Write about the reason why you selected those photos. Write about the story you are trying to say with any of them.” I picked these photos to make a flickr set because I personally […]

Week 4 Wrap Up

How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments? This week’s assignments were thoroughly enjoyable. I loved all of the Daily Creates I did and the Audio assignments turned out to be more fun than I had originally anticipated. Also being able to listen to so many different stories on the […]

Radio Storytelling

Listening to Stories For this particular assignment/reflection, we were asked to listen to several different radio stories from different sites and pick up on each one’s audio techniques and what we thought about their their techniques. From American Life: How I Got Into College I sincerely enjoyed this story itself and all of the audio […]